What exactly am I purchasing?

  • When you purchase one of our collections, you are buying a digital package of audio samples and presets for you to use in your DAW.
  • You are not purchasing an actual analog synth or drum hardware, you are purchasing THE SOUND of the hardware in playable audio samples.

What is the recorded sample rate of the sounds?

  • THE SOUND CO samples are recorded and packaged at 44.1K + 24 bit WAV files.
  • Samples are all in STEREO, except for mono synths like the Minimoog or MS-20.

What software can I use these samples?

  • Our synth collections currently come with presets for Logic Pro's EXS24 sampler, and Ableton's Simpler rack.
  • Drum collections come with presets for Ableton, Battery, Maschine and WAV formats.

How do I setup the presets for Logic?

  • Find the folder path: MAC HD > Library > Application support > Logic > Sampler Instruments.
  • Create a "THE SOUND CO" folder withing the "Sampler instruments" folder to help stay organised.
  • You can create subfolders within "THE SOUND CO" folder for the the various instruments you have purchased.
  • Copy the presets into the location you have created.
  • Launch Logic and load up the EXS24 sampler instrument.
  • In the green menu bar hit "refresh menu" and your sounds will be found under "THE SOUND CO".

How do I setup the presets for Ableton Live?

  • Unzip the ".alp" package that came with your download. Ableton Live will open and install the sounds to a folder that you choose.
  • Locate the the Ableton "project file" that has just been unpacked through the Ableton Live browser on the left hand side. All the sound presets will be within that folder.
  • When you double click on a sound, there will be a slight delay in opening the synth - this is because Ableton is pulling information in from a different project file to the one you are using. To get around this delay, once the synth opens up on a new track, click the little "save" button in the top right corner of the instrument rack, and save a ".adg" file to a location on your system where you will remember for later.

How can I use these samples/sounds?

  • Once you purchase a collection, you are welcome to use the sounds in any or all of your music compositions - with no additional fees or royalty payments required.
  • You cannot resample, repackage or re-sell any of these sounds collections, they are strictly to be used within your musical compositions.

    If your question hasn't already been answered, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our CONTACT page.

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