Studio Drums

Studio Drums is a collection of modern and vintage acoustic drums samples, recorded in a dry/tight sounding space. Recorded through classic mics, killer preamps & analog gear - these samples have been engineered to add weight, punch & character to your tracks. 

All our drums have been sampled at various velocities, tunings and mixed with different microphone combinations, allowing you the freedom to choose between and "close" sound (no room mics) or a wider and more airy sound (with room mics).


  • 4 Kicks / 4 Snares / 3 Tom sets / 4 Hi Hats / Various cymbals.
  • 108 kick samples / 231 snare samples / multi velocity toms / 60 hi hat samples / 12 cymbal samples.
  • A total of 480 multi velocity drum samples.
  • Presets available for EXS24 and WAV file format (other presets coming soon).



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